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OK, I've had a coffee, so let's clear a few things up.

(1) Happy Star Wars Day everyone who likes the idea, the rest of you can go celebrate Monday, or I Made It Out Of Bed Day, or Bloody Hell, That Was A Nice Coffee Day.

(2) I have been culturally conditioned to believe that the arrival of a baby princess is a wonderful and magical event. I am almost entirely able to override this conditioning, but not all of it, so here it is: "Naw, a baby princess." That aside it's an extra dose of surreal to be reminded that this baby is now 4th in line to have non-trivial levels of power and influence over the country of my birth. Also, I'd go for Elizabeth for a name – previous monarchs of the type have done rather well for themselves. Perhaps she shouldn't be allowed to watch Game of Thrones as she grows up, or there'll be fire-breathing winged corgies emerging from the palace labs.

(3) By all means, appreciate the art and science of boxing if that's your thing (the hitting people variety, not the packaging variety, although as a frequent purchaser of fragile items delivered by post I care rather a lot about the other kind of boxing). I shall simply sit here and wonder why on earth there's so much money involved. Like, truckloads of the stuff. It's not like there aren't other sports where athletes put their bodies on the line, never mind professionals of all sorts. It's weird, I say. Weird.

(4) I think there is a place for the death penalty in the world, but only in a vanishingly small number of very specific cases. And for whatever's sake not by firing squad. Jeez.

(5) OK, I'm tired now.

(6) Yes, I don't blog here much any more, see above.

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