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For the last few months I've been bothered with pain in the lower joints of my right thumb, ranging from a sensation of mild bruising to oh-no-you-didn't system failure and collapse when trying something adventurous such as drinking a glass of water. It responded to codeine and amitriptyline, but those are at the heavier end of the pain relief spectrum and I try to keep their use to night time. I can't take anti-inflammatories of any kind.

Last week I got an x-ray and this morning got to see the report – it's osteoarthritis.


I was a little surprised because it's several years since that particular joint got used extensively when I was a regular (computer) mouse user. Apparently it was a bit of a ticking time bomb just waiting for the last bit of wear and tear to start things rubbing together that ought not to be rubbing together.

The main problem here is that I have fibromyalgia – a nervous system that's prone to overreact to pain signals. I can go from a bruised feeling in the base of my thumb to electrical burning shocks up my arm and out along my index finger. If I don't stomp on that sort of thing right away it could set off a whole body flare. Like I need another trigger for those.

Osteoarthritis is common as mud. A lot of people have it. It's degenerative.  I don't want it.

It doesn't like me typing right now so I'll have to stop before I get to the positive sunshiny part of the post.

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