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There is a strange car in our driveway. That would be the new Yaris! It looks impossibly small for Husband's gear, but it tested positive so here it is. First time the household has ever had a New new car.
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On December 4 1993 Husband and I became Husband and Wife. With a bit of effort all around we remained so for 20 years after that, so we celebrated by getting away for a couple of days down south in Dunsborough, Western Australia. The site was chosen for its proximity to the ocean (for Husband) and to decent granite geology for me. In a perfect intersection of the two, Husband was also keen to see a cave. I'll try and record as much of the trip here as possible; there will be some photos, but not many, because we have this weird tendency towards experiencing life as it happens.

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I've been slowly but surely rearranging the non-feline pretty things in the loungeroom--just for the change of scenery--and I've discovered something unexpected: I don't have any blue things.

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Strictly speaking since it's now after midnight, it's Yesterday This Morning, but it doesn't quite have the same ring of confidence about it. This be a rambly post-drug post: beware.

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I got out today. This was good, but last Sunday was even better because I got taken out. Not 'shot execution-style' taken out, but more like Chinese food taken out. Except I wasn't consumed in any fashion. Apart from being exhausted. But in a good way, like a solar-electric car.

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Some of my hair is purple now, but rather difficult to photograph.

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Jan. 24th, 2011 09:03 pm
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Had one of those "Oh that's not good" flashes on the freeway this afternoon.

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So how RU?

Oct. 11th, 2010 10:06 pm
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I am happy to report that this evening's surprise discovery of cat vomit did not send me over the edge. Granted I've only found the furry sausage part (whomever calls them furballs has clearly never seen one), so there may be more lurking in exciting places around the house. On the bright side (yes, of cat vomit) furry sausages are better out than in, and it was Pumpkin who is generally more tidy about such things than Princess Projectile.

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I emerged from the shops this afternoon to discover The Catmobile flanked by two 4WDs. But, since all three of us parked within the lines I had no trouble getting myself in, and apart from a minor issue of blindness on both sides, I had plenty of room to get out.

So, apart from the minor issue of vehicle selection error, 4WD drivers are occasionally capable of reasonable behaviour.
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Husband and I betook ourselves to the art gallery of WA to see the Patricia Piccinini exhibition of super-realistic creature models. Much skin, many wrinkles, a variety of orifices, stray teeth, scattered hair, and the odd freckle.

I should perhaps refer to the official blurb:

Created using a combination of materials such as silicone, fibreglass and human hair, Piccinini’s sculptures are familiar yet fantastical in their depiction of possible future species and their interaction with human beings. Often confronting yet endearingly vulnerable, her sculptures give form to her fascination with the relationship between the ‘natural’ and the ‘artificial’ while asserting the power of social relationships, love and communication. Piccinini’s work is fundamentally about the human condition, despite the quasi-human appearance of her sculptures. The artist sees them as ‘beautiful rather than grotesque, miraculous rather than freakish’.

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The Catmobile met a vaguely famous Lamborghini on the road this evening. Local residents will probably be aware of the GP's yellow lambo that was impounded for alleged speeding by the car's alleged mechanic. Can't be too many slick beatsies like that out there with the same vanity plates. Bit of a giveaway that last.

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Rememer that tricky corner in the supermarket carpark? Of course you do. I've taken it a few times since then but today I think I finally nailed it despite--or perhaps because of--a shocking undersupply of spoons. Perhaps neccessity was the mother of invention and today I could only afford the most economic of motions.

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Supermarkets and their carparks will always provide opportunities for learning about one's self and the world. Important questions are often asked in these places: "Where the hell are you going (you moron)?" (With bonus question "Haven't you heard of indicators? Sheesh") and "Why does Coles insist on discontinuing products that I like?"

Today I found myself inside the Dakar Rally in the carpark. On foot.

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