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Random medical post that I decided to put on the blog rather than Facebook. Does not indicate any greater coherence, just the desire to distract myself for a few more minutes until I can get some pain relief. Today I saw the shrink and my physio.

Odd thing re going to the physio this afternoon to get the stiff part of my spine to unkink - I asked for more exercises and he couldn't give me any. I've come to the end of the road for what I'm capable of, apparently. Nearly 2 years of hydro and sundry land-based stretches and it seems I'm doing what I should be doing. I didn't think physios were even allowed to say that sort of thing. Also re the odd difference in muscle development on left and right sides, it's just how it is, apparently (I've made a few efforts under supervision to exercise the weak side a bit extra with non-disastrous but uncomfortable and ineffective results). "At least you've got one strong leg," he said. So yay?

Seriously - isn't he supposed to be pushing?

Shrink this morning was very happy I'd taken up rock photography again and was generally brighter if more tired and more sore. I think he tried to make a joke about sponges, which is always a good sign. Last visit he didn't smile. This time he seemed positively overjoyed that I'd put up a few new web pages.

And yet, so very fucked up. *sigh* (Pain has reached the "I can see through time" phase, trala.)

Oh good, I've been writing long enough I can take pills now. Physio was brutal, but my fault for letting him.

Date: 2015-12-15 01:11 pm (UTC)
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Oh lovely, this must have been truly disappointing all in all. I'm sorry that there weren't more suggestions, more you can work up to. I hope that this changes in time, and I'm sorry that the pain is so very bad. *sending you so much love*


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